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Made by Elliot is a design and photography service provided by Elliot Forde, based in Manchester UK.
I have been interested in art and design from an early age, usually deconstructing/breaking things to learn their inner workings. This is how I learned to code and eventually picked up the facets of web design, before embarking upon an education in graphic design.
I enjoy working with individuals, small businesses and non-profits on personal solutions to their design needs, including websites, printed materials and more recently, photography. 
My work with small businesses and non-profits has ranged from websites and social media co-ordination for community cafes, to event photography for animal charities. I like to expand my skills regularly and offer them as part of any projects that can benefit.
Get in touch about any enquiries about projects, work opportunities and pro-bono volunteering opportunities for a discussion about your requirements, advice or a quick brew.
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